But who are Les Petites Chattes ?

Les Petites Chattes was founded in 2016 by Fabrice Hubert and Marthe le Baube, two passionate actors, also very
animated by the desire to create films and unusual characters. Fabrice decided in 2019 to create their own
video-on-demand platform (lespetiteschattes.com).

The purpose of this platform is to finally highlight our movies and to make it accessible to the public without being
Unfortunately nowadays, we find it a struggle to create content and evolve in an artistic world where entertainment
has become very conformist. Mass audience isn’t our target and only a minority of people is adhering to our humour
and universe.

For that reason we don’t benefit from any financial help, or subsidies and even less visibility. 
We self-produced our movies to entertain you without any limit or censorship and we want to keep
doing it !!

So if you want to help us grow by becoming a member of our family (like an auntie or an uncle), don’t hesitate to
join us. The door will always be open. 

PS : In case the door is closed, don’t panic, ring the bell and I will personally open it for you !

Enjoy the movies and lots of love !!! 

Les Petites Chattes.